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If you wanna see the best pictures of woman’s vagina and clitoris, you have found the right site. Here you will see various photos of women’s vaginas. All the pics and video are divided into the categories: pictures and videos of clitoris, vulvar lips and of vulva itself. Vagina close up pictures and clitoris close up pictures. It is an informative site of women’s generative organs. Here you will get to know how the women’s generative organs (vagina, clitoris, hymen and vulvar lips) are settled. And if you are interedtes, women will show you everything in details and for free online. You will get to know where the clitoris is and how to find it. And, definitely, you may see big photos of vulva, vulvar lips and clitoris (pictures as big as your monitor can afford). 1) Clitoris - works so that a woman gets sexual pleasure. Usually, when a girl is not excited, the clitoris cannot be seen. Its diameter's size vary from 3 mm up to 2 cm. 2) Small vulvar lips - look like 2 small and thin skin folds, located lengthwise inside of the outer vulvar lips. Small vulvar lips are also the place of sexual pleasure, though not so strong as a clitoris or vagina, for example. 3) Vagina - is the woman’s generative organ, located inside of the woman. The virgins have their vagina protected by the hymen. 4) Outer (Big) vulvar lips – their main task is to protect all the other woman’s generative organs.

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